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Growth & Transformation through Operations™
in Mid-Market Private Equity
across Southeast Asia

PrimeMovers Equity

We are first operators, then investors. Our founders have worked together since 2010 and were formerly co-heads of Platinum Equity team in Singapore when it was established in 2013. We are headquartered in Singapore and are dedicated to the thriving mid-market segment in Southeast Asia. 

PrimeMovers Equity is a continuation of the team’s proven track records in investing, operating and transforming companies based in Southeast Asia into regional and global champions.

What We Do

We invest in businesses headquartered in Southeast Asia and actively work with management teams to create value through our Growth and Transformation through Operations™ ("GTO") framework. 

We favour the mid-market segment and whilst we are sector agnostic in our investment approach, we tend to operate in industries we are familiar with - industrial & manufacturing, knowledge-based services, healthcare & consumer.   

We focus on creating value through three key tenets - favourable entry price, opportunities for operational improvement, and strong downside protection through characteristics unique to the target company.

How We Create Value - GTO™

GTO™ is the DNA of PrimeMovers Equity and is the main toolkit we apply in creating value for our portfolio companies. The core of our GTO™ framework: 

Focus on business fundamentals through cost management, balance sheet, KPIs, culture and governance 

Achieve operational excellence by improving procurement management, factory floor efficiency, machine utilisation, and engage in lean manufacturing

Accelerate growth sustainably by increasing Average Selling Price, managing product portfolio and margins efficiently, and undertaking strategic M&A to capture full industry potential

Prepare for the future through digital transformation

Institute a purpose-driven approach by embedding a shareholder value creation mindset, and incorporating sustainable practices 

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