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Our Vision

Build better business tomorrow

Our Founders

Soo Jin and Randy's partnership goes back to 2010 when Soo Jin was Board Director and Randy was CEO of Infastech. When Soo Jin was Director at Standard Chartered Private Equity, Soo Jin led the carve out of GEC and Avdel – divisions of Acument Global Technologies (a Platinum Equity portfolio company), merged the 2 divisions to form Infastech in 2010 and, together with Randy, sold the business to Stanley, Black and Decker in 2013. 

Soo Jin and Randy Teo were appointed Principal and co-heads of Platinum Equity in Singapore in late 2013. During their tenure, Soo Jin and Randy were responsible for originations, investment executions, portfolio management and exits. Soo Jin led the execution effort while Randy was the operating partner. 

Our Team

Our Advisors

Our strong suite of global advisory ecosystem provides expertise in private equity and industries thought leadership. 


As a purpose driven investor with a long term view, we are committed to enhancing risk management and optimising value for our stakeholders.


We aim to create sustainable returns with lasting, positive impact for all our stakeholders, including investors, management teams and employees of our portfolio companies. 

Principles for Responsible Investment

We aim to become signatories to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment. We believe these principles and guidelines serve as valuable platforms for raising internal awareness and setting expectations for our investment partners, management teams and our other stakeholders.  

ESG Goals
and Practices

At portfolio companies level, we work with the management teams to set ESG goals and practices and integrate them into the GTO framework. Specifically, we seek to embed ESG guidelines and action plans with defined KPIs to ensure that our portfolio companies consider its environmental, societal and governance impact.  

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